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Candle Scent and Color Descriptions

Amber Musk
Romantic, exotic top notes of amber with a rich base of musk that lingers!! White.

Baby Powder
So true to the first, fresh & gentle scent ever put on baby! This soft powdery scent makes a perfect Valentine fragrance for kids, teens or the mommy-to-be! (soft baby blue)

Banana Nut Bread
Fresh baked bread with banana slices, chopped nuts, and ginger. Color tan to golden brown

Is a classic fresh wintery fragrance, popular for the holiday season. Tradition says " A Bayberry candle burned down to it's socket, brings luck to the home and wealth to the pocket" (blue spruce green).

Black Cherry
A heartier scent than your average cherry.... dark & full bodied. Deep Red.

Black Raspberry Vanilla
A delicious blend of raspberry, plum and vanilla. Color Dark Red

Blackberry Sage Tea
Intoxicating, strong and unisex, a refreshing blend of blackberries, sage, musk, tea and wild berries. Color Dark Red

Blueberry Muffins
This one is to die for! A very tart, buttery blueberry, you'd swear came straight from the oven! (Blue)

Butt Naked
A refreshing blend of Pina Colada, Coconut, Mango, and Pineapple, reminds you of warm summer days at the beach (Sunny yellow).

Butterfly Hugs
Butterfly hugs is a creative fresh blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley and rose petals. A portion of the proceeds received from this fragrance will be donated to the MDA (muscular dystrophy association). (Blue)

It's true- friends say they "smile a lot" when they smell this one- the bouquet is so realistic! Red Wine.

Cake Bake
Just like Angel Food Cake with a touch of Almond... Heavenly! Light Beige

Campfire Smoke
Whittle a stick & grab the marshmallows!!! I'd have never believed ANY thing could smell like REAL campfire smoke... boy was I wrong! Smoke Gray.

~New~ Candied Chestnuts
Yum in a bottle! A sweet, brown sugar glazed, delicious nutty treat, great for the holidays or all year round! (chestnut brown).

~New~ Candy Cane
A Classic peppermint with a sweet twist! You'll want to hang this one on the tree! (White topped w/red)

~New~ Candy Corn
You'll wish you had a handful at the first whiff of this scent! Great year 'round but ever-so-perfect for Halloween...BOO! (Triple Layered just like the candy Orange, Yellow, White).

Cappuccino Mocha
Rich Espresso with tons of sweet, creamy milk chocolate. Just like walking into Starbucks and ordering a Double __Mocha with cream! Good enough to eat, but we don't recommend it! Color Creamy Milk Chocolate Brown.

Buttery, rich, creamy caramel! You can actually smell how thick and gooey this is! Carmel brown.

Very true to the real flower! A traditional clean floral that will make you picture a bouquet of pink and white flowers with a hint of greenery!

Carrot Cake
This is THE infamous Carrot Cake you've been looking for! The ultimate carrot cake complete with cream cheese frosting! This one will make your mouth water! (Carrot cake orange)

Cedar Wood
The fresh scent of cedar, like the inside of a hope chest! Mahogany

Chanel #5
Just like the classic fragrance we are all familiar with, will bring back many sultry memories of times passed. Ivory.

~New~ Christmas Eve
Imagine sugarplums and pine blended with special spice notes to create a warm and cozy feeling. This scent is great for all year round.( Deep Purple)

Chocolate Covered Cherries
Perfect for Valentines day. Rich dark chocolate smothering juicy red berries. Color
Dark Reddish Brown

Cinnamon Buns
Spicy, warm & sweet homemade rolls. Color Cinnamon brown

Cinnamon Red Hots
A "hot" Valentine scent, blended w/many other delicious cinnamon spices. Just like the candies! Red.

Citronella is a lemony scent commonly used to repel insects. A great outdoors scent for summer! (yellow)

CK 1
A unisex fragrance designed by Calvin Klein. This erotic cologne combines man and woman with one provocative scent. This clean, refreshing fragrance has notes of bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, amber, and green tea. White.

Clean Cotton
Smells just like the familiar aroma of a fresh, clean load of laundry just pulled from the dryer! BOTTOM LINE
This plain just smells great!!!.

Like a freshly crushed clove bud- (clove brown)

Cocoa Cabana
Don't fall victim to the winter-time blues this season, let Cocoa Cabana (B&BW) fragrance oil keep your mood happy and sunny! Cocoa Cabana is a combination of just the right notes of cocoa butter and tropical fruits. Melon orange.

Coconut Cream Pie
A rich, creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut, butter, with a hint of pie crust. (White)

Coconut Lime Verbena
A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandalwood round out the blend. Color White

Cool Water
This is a duplication of cool water. For men. Cool Water is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, ambery fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood. Blue.

Cotton Candy
Light and sweet, like the carnival treat... this one will melt in your mouth! (cotton candy pink)

Creme Brulee
Delicate vanilla bean swirled with creamy caramel into a sinfully rich dessert!Color

Cucumber Melon
A perfect blend of our Wild Watermelon, Cucumber and Honeydew creates this incredibly fresh & fun fragrance! (Mint Green)

Blend of Lemon, Greens, Sandalwood, Ylang, Jasmine, Musk. A wonderfully crisp fragrance. Compared to Britney Spears popular perfume. (Dark Pink)

Deep Fried Ice Cream
Rich, creamy vanilla ice cream in a light, flakey crust sprinkled with cinnamon sugar & drizzled with honey! This delicious fragrance will make you want to run to the nearest Mexican restaurant! Light beige

Divine By Victoria’s Secret
A duplication of the fragrance from the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Line, this scent is florals, hyacinth, jasmine, violets, delicate, refreshing, and lightly powdery dries down to soft musks and wood accords. (Soft Pink)

Drakkar is classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood. Deep purple.

A mix of orange and vanilla cream, just like an orange creamsicle from the ice-cream man! (Light Coral)

Dump Cake
The fresh-baked aroma of rich buttery yellow cake with top notes of sweet cherries and pineapple; rounded out with hints of pecan and coconut. You'll love this one! Butter yellow.

The soothingly cool, crisp, refreshing smell of the eucalyptus plant. Like breathing in fresh, green air (Hunter Green).

The forgotten fruit from Adam & Eve's garden! An ancient middle eastern delight! Dark Purple

Flowering Dogwood
Bath and Body Works duplication. Sweet floral blend of violets, jasmine, and plumeria with an undertone of soft musk and sandalwood. White.

~New~ Frankincense & Myrrh
A classic, spicy Christmas blend that is also wonderful year-round! (Gold)

French Vanilla Pear
A rich blend of Vanilla Cream and Bartlett Pear. Color Bright Yellow with a hint of Lime

Fracas Type One
Snootful and I think you'll agree that this heady blend of white flowers is unparalelled in its timeless excellence. Top notes of peach, orange blossom, gardenia, and cylamen lead to yet more flowers in a middle composed of Bulgarian rose oil, jasmine, lilac, iris, and calla lily. A touch of musk and tolu balsam in the bottom keep it from flying away.

Fresh Brewed Coffee
A real eye opener! The full bodied aroma of strong black Columbian coffee! Coffee Brown

The sweet, pure fragrance of this island flower will intoxicate your senses! Color White

Georgia Peach
True, juicy southern peach. (Peach, of course)

Great American Berry Pie
Three layers (Red/White/Blue) Red - Strawberry Jam, White - Flaky Pie Crust, Blue - Blueberry Muffins. All the wonderful berries combined with sweet, flaky pie crust.

This sweet, rich Italian nut is wonderful on it's own or blended with coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and more! (Coffee brown)

Heavenly By Victoria ’s Secret
Our duplication of the most popular of the Victoria 's Secret Dream Angels line -- a soft smooth and creamy fragrance blended with white peony and white musk. This fragrances is as true to scent as the original. (Light Blue)

Hershey’s Chocolate
The "kiss" that'll leave you totally satisfied! A creamy chocolate delight! (Chocolate)

~New~ Home For the Holidays
A spicy composition of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with light fruity notes. (Ivory)

Home Sweet Home
Sugar and spice and everything nice... Deep Red.

Sweet honeysuckle straight off the vine. Color White

Hot Orange Danish
A fragrance to make you go mmmmmm! This fantastic bakery scent goes the extra mile to provide you with a true fresh-baked aroma, with notes of fresh baked danish, orange zests, and the aroma of drizzled cream frosting. (Burnt orange)

Well if you can't make up your mind, give this one a try! A perfect mix of tart and sweet all in one berry! Deep purple.

An aromatic scent bursting with the blooms of this popular spring flower! Sure to give you spring fever! (Lavender)

Jamaica Me Crazy!
A fragrance you will get lost in! An excellent blend of canteloupe, honeydew, and watermelon; with citrus top notes of mandarin, tangerine, grapefruit and lime; with just a hint of juicy McIntosh apples. (Bright Orange)

These small, white, night blooming flowers produce an intoxicatingly romantic fragrance with sweet top notes and a rich base. Often used in exotic perfumes and to make tea. Yellow.

Jelly Beans
This colorful double layered candle is sweet, fruity & colorful just like the Easter candy! (pastel purple topped w/pastel yellow).

Jelly Belly Mimosa Punch
Wait till you smell our new Jelly Belly fragrance! Mimosa Punch is a yummy mixture of papaya, starfruit, mango, pineapple, mandarin, and lime. What a treat! Jelly Belly name is trademarked by Jelly Belly Co. Look for more Jelly Belly fragrances to come! (Coral)

~New~ Jingleberry
Special new blend of fruity holiday favorites! A scrumptious mix of Mulberry and Cranberry with a splash of Orange and a touch of Vanilla! (Christmas Red)

Very true herbal Lavender, incredibly strong. Popular for a relaxing evening fragrance to unwind from a hectic day. (Lavender)

Lavender & Cedar
Floral-woody top notes of lavender essential oil open the fragrance, along with natural oils of cedarleaf and rosemary. The theme continues with pure lavandin and cedarwood oils in the middle, leading to a sweet, earthy drydown thanks to essential oil of patchouli and a touch of musk.

The smell of a new car, a Harley jacket, a riding saddle... you get the idea! Very. masculine scent! Black.

Wonderful aroma of fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes. Yellow.

Lick Me All Over
An enticing blend of vanilla, orange, pineapple and cherry. This one certainly lives up to it's name! Color
Bright Orangy Red

Wild flower picked off the tree. Very subtle scent. Color
Lilac purple

Lily of the Valley
This English wildflower lends the woods a sweet, magical fragrance with its tiny white bell-shaped hanging flowers. (White)

Log Cabin
A weekend retreat for the outdoorsman in everyone! A warm rustic blend of earthy woods and spices with a fresh burst of pine (Brown)

Love Spell
A perfect smell-alike of the popular Victoria ’s Secret fragrance! Described as a blend of Cherry Blossom, Muguet, Red Apple and Georgia Peach, with hints of Tamarind and Blondewood. Purple.

Keylime Pie
Splashes of juicy keylimes w/backnotes of buttery, flaky pie crust. DELICIOUS! (lime green)

MacIntosh Apple
Fresh picked, sweet apple. Color Red

Mango Mandarin
A vibrant summertime array of citrus fruits with cool dewy green notes that mimics the popular BBW fragrance. (Llight coral)

Monkey Love
Oh what a treat! This unique fragrance begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note. (Purple)

This is one of our top sellers! Incredibly strong scent with great throw, very pronounced mouth watering mulberry! ( Berry Purple)

Mulled Cider Just the thing to warm a fall day! Smell the orange rind and mulling spices in this apple cider delight! Garnish with a cinnamon stick and you're all set! Cider brown.

This version is sweet, not sour. Will remind you of grape koolaid! (Deep violet)

Nag Champa
An exotic blend of florals, spices and resins from India. Very strong! A popular incense fragrance! (Deep Purple)

Nantucket Briar Crabtree and Evelyn duplication. Very clean! A fresh clean amber light musk accord with subtle floral undertones of bergamot, rose and fresh greenery. Pink.

~New~ Northwood's Christmas
Fresh Wintery Balsam Pine & Lighly Spiced Cranberry. Surprisingly pleasant and refreshing, puts an exciting new twist on pine! (pine green)

Oak Moss
Deep earthy, greens, blended w/spices. Very mascualine, reminds you of a very handsome man’s earthy cologne. (Sage Green)

Oatmeal Milk n' Honey
This is a very natural smelling blend that's heavy on the oatmeal and has just the right sweet touch of honey. Cream.

A Best Seller! A Calvin Klein scent duplication. Obsession begins with top notes of mandarin and bergamot, middle notes of clary sage, lavender flowers, and hints of spices such as nutmeg and coriander. Bottom notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood. Tan.

Ocean Dreams
Smells just like a summer walk on the beach. Warm sun, crisp, salty air and memories of summer. Color water blue

~New~ Orange Ginger
(Bath & Body Works Type) Sweet oranges blended with fresh, crisp ginger. A very unique scent. (Orange)

A deep earthy, musky scent straight from the 60’s! Color Tan

Pachouli Ginger
This deep earthy, musky scent is beautifully softened with the invigorating scent of ginger. Truly a unique, passionate blend. (White)

Fresh fruity fragrant blend of pear & berry with a slight musk background. Color
Pear green

Fresh, clean, cool and minty! A true, sharp peppermint.. white.

Pina Colada
Just like the drink! A tropical blend of pineapple & coconut! Yellow.

Pink Grapefruit
Your senses are sure to fall in love with this burst of refreshment! Orangy pink.

One of the sweetest tropical fruits ever! Originating from Brazil, this juicy yellow fruit is a favorite!

A Best Seller! A Hawaiian flower commonly used in leis. Very strong but smooth perfumey floral scent. Pink.

A Ralph Lauren Duplication. Polo is classified as a sharp, woody, dry fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss. Dark Green.

Precious Amber
This rich, beguiling unisex fragrance begins with top notes of natural bergamot, galbanum, lemon, petitgrain, and lime, leading to a sweet-spicy middle of amber, vanilla, nutmeg, and clove, with rich bottom notes of ambergris, balsam peru, and sandalwood.

Pumpkin Spice
All the aroma of this holiday favorite. Color Pumpkin orange

Raspberries & Cream
Fresh, sweet berries smothered in heavy cream! A lucious dessert anytime. Color Creamy Pink

Red Currant and Thyme Tea
This duplication of the popular BBW fragrance is best described as soothing and intriguing with a rich fusion of sea notes with fruits, tea notes, rose, and musk… very crisp and strong. (Red)

Red Velvet Cake
A rich, velvety blend of sweet, creamy, buttery vanilla top notes of spicy nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon over a slightly nutty cake base aroma. (Deep brownish burgundy)

Fresh rose petals with a crisp true body, absolutely tantalizing & true, true true to nature! (pink)

Rose and raspberry...just call it a delicious nose treat, scrumptious! (hot pink)

Rose Jasmine Two
Classic florals make a beautiful blend! Sweet Jasmine compliments delicate rose in this pretty fragrance! Pink.

Salt Mist Rose
Fresh cut roses. Color muted pink

A rich, sweet, earthy scent. This is a popular fragrance for incense! Tan.

Sex On The Beach
Just like the drink! A bouquet with fruity and floral notes along with spices and vanilla. Color Peach

Nutty caramel, chocolate, and vanilla that smells just like the snack bar! Color light tan

Spiced Cranberry
Tart cranberries smothered in a blend of cinnamon and spices. Top notes of red wine. Color Red wine

Spring Rain
A musky accord enhanced with a fresh floral bouquet of carnations, tiger lilies, alyssum, orchids, and roses, with hints of fresh greenery. Blue.

Strawberry Jam
The most incredible, fresh juicy strawberry you'll ever smell! One of our best sellers and personal favorites! ( Berry Red)

Sugar Plum
Very sweet, and pleasantly plum. Tired of the traditional red and green for the holidays? This one's the perfect unique touch! Plum purple.

Sweet Pea
A duplicate of the popular Bath and Body Works fragrance, fresh, intriguing, strong. (White)

Vanilla Velvet
Very warm,rich, sweet, high powered vanilla.

Very Sexy for Men
Wonderful Victoria Secret Duplication. A spicy citrus blend, has top notes of pink lime, bergamot leaves, and tangerine. Middle notes of cinnamon bark, limewood, and sage. Vetiver and orange flower comprise the dry down. Very Sexy...yes he is! Red.

Very Sexy for Women
Wonderful Victoria Secret Duplication. Very vibrant fragrance! With notes of cactus flower and clementine, blackberry, and vanilla orchid. Base notes of white amber and pimento. Red.

Warm Vanilla Sugar
This one should need no introduction. A very accurate duplicate of one of Bath and Body Works all time best selling fragrances (Creamy yellow)

Votivo’s Red Currant
Sweet and tart at the same time, Red Currant is a thoroughly modern, intoxicating berry scent that hypnotizes and charms all who smell it. (Deep Red)

White Tea & Ginger
Stimulate your senses with this hypnotic blend of citrus notes, rich florals, and warm underlying musk and wood notes. Color palest buttercream.

Wildberry Zinger Tea

A beautiful match to the Wildberry Zinger Tea from Celestial Seasonings! A perfect blend bursting with the natural scent of black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries, and even cherries! Herbs like hibiscus, rosehips, and chicory give this tea its zing! (Deep berry red)

Wild Watermelon
Nothing reminds you of Summer quite like sweet, juicy watermelon! (pink)

Wild Orchid Strong
beautiful, & passionate fragrance, just like the real thing. White.

Wine Cellar™
A full bodied blend of fine wines, complimented by a hint of oak. Wines are aged in oak barrels for years to achieve a deeper color, a richer and more complex flavor, and an intense aroma. Close your eyes and inhale the intoxicating fragrance of a Napa Valley Winery! Wine.

A light floral blend with subtle hints of jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender and rose, along with a touch of clove. Lavender.

World’s Best Egyptian Musk!
You must try World's Best Egyptian Musk! Who'll like it? Anyone who likes musky fragrances, sexy fragrances, unique fragrances, or upscale-smelling fragrances.

Ylang Ylang
An Indonesian tree with yellow blossoms that give a narcotic, sweet floral smell similar to Jasmine. A very relaxing fragrance An Indonesian tree with yellow blossoms that give a narcotic, sweet floral smell similar to Jasmine. A very relaxing fragrance.

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